Change formats with Boilsoft Video Converer

Convert your videos files into different formats so they work with more media players.

There are only three questions worth asking about a video-converting program: is it free, is it fast, and how is the video quality? Boilsoft Video Converter answers the second two questions well, but misses on the first. If you can handle paying for it, it is a quality video converter.

Boilsoft Video Converter costs $34.95 to use. If you don't pay, the program adds a goofy watermark over the middle of your video. For your money, you're getting a really smooth layout that's easy to use. The program features a built-in video player that plays any video format it can convert. There's about a dozen supported files types, so you'll probably be able to get the video format you need. Conversion is noticeably faster than with other video converters, plus you can add your own subtitles and watermarks. The result the program gives you plays just as well as it did when you put the video in -- audio quality is even retained. If you know what you're doing, you can up the frame rate and audio quality to make your video look a little more polished.

This program isn't messing around; it's one of the most powerful, useful video converters on the market. The problem is that it's competing with Any Video Converter and other free converters that are enough for most. If you need professional-quality results, Boilsoft Video Converter is certainly good enough for the price. However, if you just need to convert a video on the fly, stick with a free converter instead of paying for this one.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Boilsoft Video Converter 3.02.8.

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