Convert your videos with ease with MyVideoConverter Pro

Convert, split, join, and burn video and audio files with this capable shareware.

Video converters tend to fall into one of two camps. The first is simple freeware for converting files from one or more video formats to another. The advantage of such tools (other than being free) is simplicity; the disadvantage is limited capabilities, not to mention the fact that you may need to keep a collection of them just to handle all your file types. The second type of video converter costs money. That's often the only disadvantage, since the premium converters usually handle many more file types and offer preset profiles that automatically convert files to just the right format and size to play on your device of choice. MySoft's MyVideoConverter Pro is the second type. It's free to try without limits, though it places a digital watermark on output files. It offers much more than the freeware, including not only the ability to convert files but also join and split them. It can extract audio tracks from video files, too, and even burn discs. Recent updates include Windows 8 readiness.

MyVideoConverter Pro's user interface combines elements of a standard Windows-style layout with Web browser touches, especially in the menu bar and toolbar, which, taken together with the program's light blue tones, may remind some users of the classic Netscape browser of days past. We were slightly surprised that the program doesn't offer the ability to customize or re-skin the theme, which many similar shareware tools offer, and some free ones, too. But the Properties panel to the right of the main window shows that MyVideoConverter Pro is no slouch when it comes to its main job. Expandable menus let us configure Audio, Video, General, and Advanced settings, including codecs, bitrate, sample rate, audio delay (in milliseconds), and much more. We started by adding a file, which involves little more than browsing and clicking; the program's Add Files dialog includes an output profile selector, Source and Target fields, output quality selector, and the aforementioned abundance of options.

Despite the output watermark, MyVideoConverter Pro clearly demonstrated its superiority to free alternatives. If you convert a lot of videos, it may just be the tool you need.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of MyVideoConverter Pro 3.13.

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