Join MP3s together with Mp3 Joiner

Join two MP3s together with this ultra-basic freeware.

Helpasoft's Mp3 Joiner is a free tool that joins strings of MP3 files together into a single file that can play continuously. The joined file is typically the same size as or smaller than the collection of separate files, and it preserves the sonic quality of the original files. Instead of using a file editor to cut and paste MP3 fragments together, Mp3 Joiner does it automatically and all at once. This compact tool's simple, step-by-step operation takes the guesswork out of the task. A registration code is required to use the program, but it's free, too. The latest release of Mp3 Joiner is ready for Windows 8.

Mp3 Joiner is easy to use, thanks in part to a very basic interface. The program's five-step process starts with a field for browsing to and adding the first MP3 file you want to join. We added a file and moved to Step 2, choosing the file we wanted to join to the first file. Step 3 involves choosing a new name for our file. Step 4: press Join, and watch the progress bar as the job completes. Ours completed very quickly. Mp3 Joiner saves joined files in the same folder as the second source file; Step 5 opens the folder. Our joined MP3 played normally and seamlessly in our usual media player, with no apparent loss of quality. To join multiple MP3s together, simply repeat the process.

Mp3 Joiner did its job well enough, though we experienced some bugginess during the installation process and had to run the installer more than once. Support options are lacking, too. We'd like to see the ability to join multiple MP3s at once and to choose a different output folder. Other freeware can do what Mp3 Joiner does, though, so your best bet may be to compare this program with similar apps. You may find its total simplicity appealing, but we tend to favor more robust tools with more options. Choice is good, and you have it.

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