Synchronize files between computers with Easy2Sync for Files

Keep your data in sync on all your machines with this easy-to-use freeware.

Do you use more than one PC? Such as home and work PCs? Or maybe you have laptop and desktop PCs. How do you keep your data in sync between them all? It's easy with Easy2Sync for Files. This simple freeware is capable of synchronizing your files and folders between your desktop PC, laptop, or any Internet-capable device running Windows, including Windows 8. With more than 200 rules, it can safely duplicate changes to your data and file structure between your devices, keeping you current on all of them. It's a standalone app that doesn't require online storage or other software.

Easy2Sync's Let's Start wizard can walk you through the process of setting up a new Task, or you can start the program without it by unchecking a box. The first time you run Easy2Sync, it offers to run a test task without using your data. We highly recommend taking this step, which will verify your connection and sync settings before the program accesses your data. If anything should be wrong with your connection, you can diagnose and fix the problem before sending any of your critical data over it. It's a simple process: Easy2Sync creates two test folders on the desktop. To test whether they're synced, you simply need to copy or delete the supplied test files in one folder, run Easy2Sync, and then verify the contents of both folders. We did this. We opened folder A, deleted one of the test files, and then clicked Run. An optional screen explained in detail what Easy2Sync would do, and another screen showed us what it did when it finished. The process completed quickly.

The test effectively showed what Easy2Sync can do. A note of caution, though: with Easy2Sync, deleting files on one machine will also delete the identical files on the other machine. The software's rules do a good job of preventing errors, but its job is to make one machine's files just like the others, not to save backups in case you delete the wrong data. But used properly, Easy2Sync is a safe and effective way to synchronize your files between computers.

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