Use your voice to control your Android device with Sweet Suzy

Enjoy the convenience of voice recognition with Sweet Suzy.

Voice-recognition applications have been becoming more prevalent in the past few years due to the popularity of Siri and Google Now. Sweet Suzy is the latest application to market this technology, and it makes an attempt at some novel features. While it claims to be the most advanced application of its kind, most users will find quite the opposite is true.

One-click installation makes setup very easy for all users. However, it should be noted that the vast majority of Sweet Suzy's functions require a data connection of some type. If the data connection is slow, this may adversely affect the program and make it unbearably sluggish. The application consists of a single black screen with a microphone icon. Upon activating the icon, a Google symbol appears and the user may speak questions or commands. When we tested the actual functionality of the voice recognition we found some negative results. The vast majority of questions were not found and the application offered to do a Google search. When the Google search is opened, however, the text field has not been filled, and you must enter the search term manually. Repeating questions is not a feature many users will find convenient. This field should automatically populate as with other software on the market. Because the software rarely functioned properly during the testing, this app should be considered in the alpha stage of development. Some of the features, such as opening phone settings and menus, work well, but using these settings is impossible with your voice.

The functions that are needed on this app fail to work, and the functions that are pointless do work. As it is now, Sweet Suzy is not recommended for most users. There are many other options on the market that have more functionality than this app, including Google Now, which is preloaded on newer Android versions.

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