Create custom ringtones with Ringtone Maker Pro

Design ringtones directly from your mobile device using Ringtone Maker Pro.

With the vast amount of functionality that comes with an advanced smartphone, users enjoy customizable options. With Ringtone Maker Pro the user can edit any MP3 file that is on their device and select a specific section for the ringtone. The finished ringtone can then be assigned to a contact. If customization is important to the user, then this app is definitely worth the time to explore.

Download and installation of Ringtone Maker Pro go smooth enough. Once the program has been installed, the user is permitted to begin a project immediately. The main menu is modern, concise and easy to read. Options such as editor, search, library, and download are included. With the Library option the user is able to browse through a complete list of audio files currently on the device. Once the desired file has been selected, the application opens the editor menu. The editor menu is basically an image of the sound wave. The user is able to highlight sections of the wave and save them as ringtones. Once the ringtone has been created and saved, the program then allows the user to assign it to a contact or function on the device. This feature is great because some devices do not allow custom ringtones to be assigned to individual contacts using the stock operating system.

Ringtone Maker Pro offers an attractive user interface, it functions perfectly, and it is light on device resources. It is fast and fun, which makes it a top pick. If you are curious about custom ringtones, want to customize your device, or just want to have a little fun, this app is definitely one to try.

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