Access all the sounds of the popular song with Psy Gangnam Style SoundBoard

Use all the signature sounds of Psy's popular song with Psy Gangnam Style Soundboard.

A soundboard is a simple tool that holds all the various sounds of one particular theme and allows you to utilize them for ringtones, notifications, or simple playback. Typically these sounds are taken from a popular source such as a pop song or television show. Psy Gangnam Style SoundBoard is a selection of the popular sounds of Psy's hit. Because of the fast rhythm and catchy lyrics, "Gangnam Style" has quickly become popular, and its soundboard doesn't disappoint, either.

Psy Gangnam Style SoundBoard offers an easy installation that requires one simple extra step in order to access the program. After installation, the app requires that you click on an advertisement at the top of the screen. This is a drawback, especially because you must do this every time you open the app. This application is free, though, so advertisement support is to be expected. Aside from the annoyance of the advertisement, the program runs perfectly. It is smooth and quick. The sound quality of the audio files is very good, and the program even allows for mixing and matching the bits. You are able to create custom files from the originals and then use these for a ringtone or a notification.

Even though Psy Gangnam Style SoundBoard app looks attractive and is versatile and easy to use, it will only really appeal to those who enjoy the sound of Psy's music. The only downside would be the constant advertisement annoyance. If you want a custom sound for your device and like Psy's music, you will enjoy this app.

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