Add NFL flair to your Android gadget with NFL Live wallpaper

Replace your stock background image with the live wallpaper of your favorite NFL team using NFL Live wallpaper.

The need for customization creates a demand for tons of live wallpapers. It is only logical that the most popular sporting event in the United States would have a live wallpaper application. If pop-up notifications and random icon appearances don't bother you, then NFL Live wallpaper might be an option for an NFL fan.

Installation of NFL Live wallpaper goes easily, and the app doesn't require much free space. The live wallpaper settings are quite numerous and allow for a lot of customization to the look and feel of the wallpaper itself. The wallpaper quality is quite low, though. The image is pixelated at times and with the resolution of most displays today, this is unacceptable. The selection of teams that are available in the free version is limited to five. Additional teams can be purchased. The major problem with this application is the random pop-up notifications and icons that will appear on the desktop. These advertisements are invasive and distracting.

Because of the large number of options available on the market for NFL live wallpapers, the future of this app doesn't seem too bright, especially considering that the NFL Live wallpaper app offers poor quality and many invasive advertisements. Advertisement-supported applications are becoming more common, but it should be limited to onscreen ads. Advertisements in the notification window and the downloading of invasive icons should not be tolerated.

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