Type with style using Neon Keyboard

Use a bright and stylish custom keyboard on your smartphone.

Some new applications have attempted to change the overall function of the onscreen touch keyboard. For those users who are happy with the function of their keyboard but want a different look and feel, Neon Keyboard may be just the ticket. It's light, easy to use, and looks cool.

With a bright and easy-to-read design, Neon Keyboard offers the user a unique experience while typing on their device. It displays black keys that are highlighted in a bright blue. The color is easy on the eyes even in low light and makes the keys easier to read and locate with fingertips. While this keyboard lacks some of the word predictions that the stock one possesses, it is barely noticeable. The application is not very big and uses very few resources. It is fast, stable, and perfectly functional. This app is free and does not have advertisement support.

Want to add a cool keyboard theme to your smartphone? Try Neon Keyboard. It is easy to set up and it functions great. With its great looks and speedy typing, this keyboard theme is a top pick.

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