Play music on your favorite Android gadget using iPhone Music app

Enjoy your music collection with the feel of an iPhone using iPhone Music app for Android.

Users who have recently switched from an iPhone to an Android device most likely miss the music player that comes stock with Apple devices. The great look and simple layout of iPhone Music will appeal to all users, but there are a couple of drawbacks.

iPhone Music installs easy. The app will automatically detect all the music featured on your device as well as album art. The playback is great and the sound quality is perfect. This app offers a well-designed layout and it emulates the Apple player very well. Users are able to create custom playlists and monitor listening trends much like with the original Apple application. The only downside of this application is that it does not have all the great functions of the Android player. With Android 4.0 the stock player uses the lock screen as a control screen. If the phone is locked you are able to hit the power button and change tracks, adjust volume, pause the song, or close the application. These functions are not available with this app.

If a user has recently changed to Android and misses the iPhone music player, then iPhone Music could be an appropriate solution. It offers the exact same look and feel of the Apple player. It should be stated, however, that in comparison to this app, the stock Android application has greater usability on an Android device. Therefore, this app may not be the most popular choice for a hard-core Android fan.

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