Learning Tech gives you one-stop access on your iPhone

Access all of Learning Tech's resources while on the go.

Learning Tech, we have learned, is a holistic bilingual program for kids and is based in Singapore. The Learning Tech app is a mobile version of the Web site that brings the program's many tools right to your fingertips. While we can't comment on the program's actual products, we can at least comment on the app's functionality.

The app opens with a large sliding picture and five different menu options at the bottom of the screen. The sliding pictures at the top are very distracting and they take up most of the screen, which is really a waste of valuable space. Instead of squeezing the menu into the bottom of the phone screen, the designers could have nixed the sliding pictures. Regardless, the Products menu gives you access to the different products available through Learning Tech, including an Introduction to Holistic Bilingual Program and a Language Development Program. Oddly, the Gallery feature contains random pictures of students attending what we assume to be local Learning Tech events. There's an option to obtain a free Learning Tech Guide Book, but you'll have to enter some personal information first, such as your name and e-mail address. The app also gives you access to other things such as the Web site, YouTube video channel, and Facebook page.

Of course, the Learning Tech app will only be useful for some people, but it offers members a streamlined way to access Learning Tech products and resources, and for them we recommend it.

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