Angry Baba is both fun and challenging

Strike out at objects and collect points.

Angry Baba centers on a cast of characters who, in fits of anger, strike out at flying objects coming their way. The more objects you hit and the more you take out in the process, the more points and coins you accumulate. While the game's premise is pretty simple, we were pleasantly surprised by how challenging the game was to play.

To get started, Angry Baba offers a tutorial that lets you practice your striking skills and get the hang of the game. However, while we were able to send boulders soaring into the sky during the tutorial, we found actual gameplay to be much more challenging. To play the game, you have to tap the screen and move up or down to find the right angle. Once you let off, your character throws a punch, so you have to time it so that his fist strikes the boulder at the right time. Ideally, you want to send your object sailing into the sky so that it can take out birds that hold valuable rubies. Sadly, we weren't able to send our boulder very far, only a few meters each time (this, compared with the 2,000+ meters we were able to send it during the tutorial). Still, we had fun doing it and did gradually get a bit better with each try.

If you're looking for a new game to add to your library, Angry Baba is worth a download. We recommend it to all users.

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