Convert video and audio files with Green Free Video Converter

You can convert video to audio and vice versa with this flexible freeware.

We're big on small tools that let us convert video clips into different formats that we can play on our various and sundry devices. Ditto audio: while we tend to save music in the highest available quality, we also like to be able to play MP3s on the go, and software that can convert both audio files and video formats to other audio formats is of no small interest, too. One more thing: freeware, please. Green Free Video Converter just happens to cover all those bases. It's free, it's easy to use, and it converts files to and from a wide range of audio and video file types, including extracting audio tracks from video. Profiles optimized for device types should make it easy to get it right the first time.

Green Free Video Converter's user interface has a stylish gray theme that we could change to any color or tone using a handy pair of Hue and Saturation sliders accessible from the title bar. The interface is divided into halves, more or less, with the left half displaying a Quick Start guide in the main window above a scrolling, expanding Profiles menu and Output directory field. The right side is split between an upper preview window with player controls and a lower section tabbed for Video and Audio settings like Bitrate and Codec. Each tab has a different background color, a small touch that makes it easy to distinguish between them.

Green Free Video Converter's layout and controls are logical, even intuitive, which helps because the program has no Help file, though none is needed, really. It's hard to miss the large plus sign for adding files, and the quick-start guide explains each step. We simply added a file, selected our Android device from the Profiles, browsed to an Output file, and started the conversion. Green Free Video Converter did the rest. We could disable audio on converted video clips, too, saving just the video.

Green Free Video Converter generally matched the premium all-in-one converters we've tried in features and performance, and bested some of them, not to mention the freeware competition.

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