One video for all with GOM Video Converter

GOM Video Converter chops, dices, and converts your movies to play on any device.

GOM's latest version already supports the expected list of common formats: AVIs, MP4s, WMVs, etc. If you're not sure which format to use, GOM Video Converter includes presets for the current line of popular portable gadgets, consoles and more so that no Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, or Apple device gets left behind.

Installation takes some more input than standard processes, mostly involving user confirmation of installing certain codecs. Personally, we felt that it's odd to ask for such confirmations as codecs don't really take that much space anyways and the odds of a typical user knowing which codec is used for what are slim. Again, not a dealbreaker but it's hard to see the logic behind the process.

GOM's interface is skinned with a halloween-esque color scheme. The main interface is composted of three panels in a small window, with active files and the start button being highlighted in yellow. You can supposedly add files in one of two ways, either via pressing the Add button or drag and drop. However, the drag and drop didn't function for us with this current version. The conversion process was relatively smooth and straightforward. Add a video to convert, then select the preset for a device under the Output info section and hit the Start button to let it roll. You can also preview videos and chop the video into segments all without really losing sight of the main menu and interface, which was a nice touch.

The trial version caps your videos to 10 minutes or less, which should be more than enough for you to get a feel for how the program works. All in all, it performs well. The user interface may seem a bit loaded at first, but after staring at it for a few minutes users should figure it out fairly easily. There's no distracting ads or obnoxious upsell, which is a plus for a free/trial unit. Despite minor bugs, it's a solid converter especially for those who work with many media conversions at home and work.

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