Battle zombies on your Android device with Vikings vs Zombies Free

Enjoy action and adventure, and kill some time (and zombies).

For anyone craving some gory arcade-style action, this app might be a good choice. The overall look and feel of Vikings vs Zombies Free is good and the gameplay is fast and fun. However, you can only play one level with the free version.

A very light and quick download begins the action. Vikings vs Zombies Free loads easily. The level that the free version permits you to play consists of an overhead view of a map and Viking figures you may place. Once the game begins, waves of zombies begin pushing through the map and it is up to your well-placed soldiers to fight off the horde. The limitless Vikings and the small map make it pretty hard to lose this game. Once the level finishes, you can share your score via social networks. In the free version, there is a fairly large advertisement area that some may find distracting. The user interface is colorful and intuitive, but the images are low-resolution and blurry. The low quality of the images may be due to the fact that this is only a demo and the file size is only 5MB.

While it may not be appropriate for younger players, due to bloody violence, most users will find Vikings vs Zombies Free entertaining. This gaming app offers fast and smooth gameplay, but to play more levels and enjoy this game without ads you need to upgrade to a full version.

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