Play with a virtual friend using Talking Ben the Dog Free

Interact with a cartoon dog.

Potentially keeping the user entertained for hours, this app offers great graphics and is packed with humor. Talking Ben the Dog Free is a great alternative to the typical games and activities found in entertainment applications, and might be interesting to those who are looking for something different and need something to keep them occupied.

Talking Ben the Dog Free appears to be a pretty big app for a time-killer. After you install the main application, another download, of about 35MB, is required to actually use the program. The total size of the application tips the scales at around 50MB after the additional download. On opening the app, you are greeted with a fluffy dog seated in an armchair. The user can interact with the dog by tapping the screen in various areas. The dog will answer the phone, talk back, growl, and scratch. A separate screen brings him to a laboratory where he can mix up potions with hilarious results. Upgrades and other products are constantly made available through pushed content or pop-ups. This is the only really annoying aspect of the app. Talking Ben the Dog Free is smooth and stable for the most part. The only bug we observed is that the sound and animation are occasionally out of sync.

While Talking Ben the Dog does offer some relief for boredom, it also is pretty limited. That is unless you are willing to invest some money in the application. This app is recommended for any user to try out, but few will keep it around for an extended length of time.

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