Apply interesting filters to your images with Pudding Camera

Take creative pictures with your Android gadget using the Pudding Camera app.

With the multitude of camera applications on the market, it's always hard to choose one that is both functional and fun to use. Pudding Camera promises fast save times, great effects, and quality photos. Unfortunately, it does not deliver completely.

Installing this app is easy enough, and you can to get right to the fun. Pudding Camera takes a novel approach to its user interface. From a bright main menu you select a camera and a film combination. The camera portion of the selection is merely a filter. You may select camera options such as panorama, fish-eye, macro, and action. The film portion of the selection is basically an effect to apply to the image. Film choices are options such as monochrome, sepia, classic, and vivid settings.

After taking a few pictures, we reviewed the images for quality and noticed that the overall image quality was low on both devices that the application was tested on -- a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and an Acer Iconia A100 tablet. The pictures were also limited in their resolution. After we closed the application and tried to reopen it, it also kept crashing constantly on both devices. This may be a compatibility problem with the Android 4.0 and 4.1 operating systems on these devices.

Many other applications offer simpler user interfaces and better image quality. Stability also seems to be an area that needs major improvement. Given that there are so many camera apps out there, Pudding Camera needs some additional improvement to be able to compete.

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