Spotty performance mars Mobo Video Player

Skip this video player for a more predictable one.

While promising a fast, high-quality video player, this app fails to deliver where others have succeeded. Mobo Video Player initially seemed user-friendly and well designed, but further investigation revealed instability and compatibility issues.

Mobo Player installs quickly and easily, but instantly forces users to load separate codec packs. There is not one codec pack for each device, so further downloading is necessary as you attempt to view various file formats. The main menu is full of advertisements and constant pop-ups trying to sell you other apps. The confusing array of advertisement is a hassle when you simply want to view a video. This app also fails to find media on devices with external SD cards. Most users utilize an external memory card for their media, so this is pretty shortsighted. Once the user finds their media manually, they must deal with compatibility. Even though all known codecs are supported, this doesn't guarantee that this app will actually be able to play desired files. Videos played were often choppy or froze completely during playback. When the same files were played in different applications, they played beautifully. We tested this app on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and an Acer Iconia A100 tablet and observed the same behavior on both devices.

A good video player app means high resolution and smooth results. Due to its unpredictable performance and many compatibility issues, Mobo Video Player doesn't fall into this category.

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