Create funny images with Make Me Bald

Use a hysterical filter to make your photo subjects bald.

With many photo-editing applications on the market, it's hard to choose one that is legitimately useful or at least amusing. Make Me Bald is neither. It functions poorly and features are limited.

This app loads easily and it's quite straightforward due to its uncomplicated nature. The application initially hesitated when opened, but eventually opened to a stock image. A universal menu button at the bottom of the screen allows you to take a picture from within the application. We tested this app on three different devices -- Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Acer Iconia A100, and Asus Transformer Pad -- and this function caused the application to crash. On occasion, the user should be able to take a picture; however, this does not guarantee success. The actual baldhead then must be lined up on the portrait using two bulls-eye targets. There is no explanation where these targets should be lined up so the entire operation will take some time. After a lot of trial and error, the head eventually lined up and we could view the final picture. But the humor was lost at this point because of the extreme inconvenience of the whole process.

Make Me Bald doesn't function properly and therefore we cannot recommend it to any user. The final product after all the hassle is not impressive. Multiple crashes and slow functions also make this app fairly unstable, even when tested on different devices.

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