View Koi fish using Koi Free Live Wallpaper

Enjoy the ambiance of Koi fish, but you'll sacrifice power.

Live wallpapers seem to be popular, and with the high performance of modern mobile processors, they are becoming more detailed. Koi Free Live Wallpaper is a very detailed simulation of Koi fish that swim around your desktop. Because of its high processor consumption, this one may not be for every user.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper doesn't require any special permissions and the installation is easy due to the lack of options. This app has a pro version available for a fee that includes options to customize the feel of the wallpaper. The wallpaper itself is pretty realistic. It is an overhead view of a small, traditional Koi pond where Koi fish randomly swim across the screen. However, the really interesting aspect of this live wallpaper is its interactivity. When you touch the screen, there is a droplet effect that sends ripples across the screen. If you touch the screen where a fish is swimming, it will quickly swim away as if it were scared by the disruption. While the effect is amusing, it consumes a significant amount of processor resources. Screen swipes are slowed down significantly and noticeable delays occurred when we attempted to open other applications. On-screen widgets were incredibly sluggish and notifications were delayed.

While Koi Free Live Wallpaper may be great to look at, the performance drain may not be worth it on some devices. This app may function better on devices with sparse screen activity and few-to-no widgets.

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