Eliminate history of your apps with History Eraser

Erase your history easily with this Android app.

On home computers, clearing the history in your Web browser improves the performance of the computer and protects the user's privacy. History Eraser is an effective and useful app that accomplishes this chore on a mobile device with one easy step.

The easy installation requires no advanced settings to mess with. The application opens immediately and functions smoothly. No bugs are observed and stability is not a problem. The clear layout is easy to read and appropriate for all users. No instructions should be required, because the application is very intuitive. The main menu consists of a list of all applications that save history. The applications can be selected or deselected with a checkbox to the right of the label. Once the list has been selected, a simple one-touch activation clears all the data. Call history and text messages can also be cleared through this application.

Attractive, fast, and smooth, History Eraser does what it says, and most Android users will find it useful. Even though it is possible to clear the history for most apps through their individual user interfaces, this app makes this time-consuming process quick and easy.

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