Edit documents on your mobile device with Documents To Go

Upload, edit, and save files with your mobile device.

An application that allows the user to edit any popular document type comes in very handy on a mobile device. Documents To Go is a fully equipped application that does just that. Users who are used to Microsoft Office will have no trouble adapting to this well-designed utility. The app is quite extensive, though; download times may take a while on 3G mobile networks due to the large file size.

After an easy setup, Documents To Go will greet users with a main menu that is very simple to navigate. Bold contrasting text and straightforward instructions aid in the exploration of this application. All the functions of a desktop software suite are found in this app, allowing the user to leave the laptop at home. With this app, a tablet or even a large-screen smartphone could be used for simple editing jobs. With an external keyboard it would even be possible to create quite extensive documents, too. It may be particularly useful if the user must edit a document while on the go, such as an email attachment that must be resent.

Appropriate for most users, Documents To Go delivers exactly what it claims. It is a professionally designed and stable app offering a very satisfying user experience. It features a user-friendly interface and all the tools one would expect from a document suite. The functionality of this app is perfect, and while it may be a bit heavy on the memory, this application is a must-have.

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