Take cartoon-style pictures with Cartoon Camera

Apply a cartoon filter to pictures using this fun app.

Some of the most trending photo effects are cartoon-style effects. Cartoon Camera applies a cartoon effect to pictures taken through the application's user interface. This app is very limited, however, and might not appeal to many users.

Cartoon Camera offers an easy setup and is easy to use. The application is quite limited, though. Once it is opened, the screen instantly turns into a viewfinder. The image shown is through a cartoon-like filter. The resolution is turned down and the edges of objects are outlined in dark black as though they were drawn into the scene. The only options on the screen are to take a picture or change to the front-facing camera. There are none of the regular camera application functions such as flash control, or zoom. Once the user takes the picture, the application must be closed and the picture can then be viewed and shared within the gallery. The software is light on resources and seems to function well, but the features are limited. The pictures are taken quickly but the quality is pretty low. In addition, the cartoon effect is already found on many, if not most, photo-editing applications.

While the layout looks good and the application is easy to use, this one may not be useful to most users. Cartoon Camera app has only one function, and in today's competitive Android application world that is not enough.

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