Beware of Battery Booster's false claims

Steer clear of this malware-laden app.

Every smartphone user would love an app that could actually increase the life of their battery. This isn't the case with the Battery Booster app; it actually exploits your device instead of doing what it claims. Users are advised to read the developer's disclaimer before deciding to download this app.

Once we downloaded the Battery Booster app, it started installing a mild form of malware. It automatically downloads a separate program that gives you pop-ups in your notification bar. It also downloads links on your homepage without your consent. The biggest disappointment, though, is that this app doesn't save the user any battery life despite its claims of saving 17 to 30 percent. After carefully monitoring this app, we found this claim to be false. The application failed to decrease screen brightness, disable Bluetooth, or limit CPU usage. Overall battery life actually went down a little due to an application constantly using the Internet and running in the background.

Battery Booster hijacks your device and uses your Internet connection to download links onto your homepage. Pop-ups will plague your notification bar and battery life will not be any better. We do not recommend this app.

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