Utilize content on your device to its fullest with AndroZip File Manager

Explore, organize, zip, and compress files on your Android device with AndroZip File Manager.

File management tools are among the most popular downloaded apps for Android users. Packed with many useful features, an intuitive interface and complete support for encrypted ZIP files, AndroZip File Manager enables users to fully control their files. It offers all the features of expensive file management tools free of charge.

This app installs directly to your SD card. The installation itself takes very little time and is easy. AndroZip File Manager does not require extra root permission to view the root file structure, and these files are instantly viewable after installation. With a black background and white text, most users will find the application easy to read. If you find the application hard to read, you may adjust it to your preferences. While the overall look of the user interface isn't colorful and flashy, it is comprehensive and packed with features. As the name may suggest, this application is capable of compressing and decompressing files. It also manages all your applications and CPU status. The file manager portion of the application is quick and stable while offering a smooth browsing experience. Basic functions such as copying, deleting, and moving files are intuitive. This app is one of the lightest file management tools on the market, consuming very few resources.

AndroZip File Manager could be a great pick for those shopping for an all-in-one file management tool. It is a fully featured tool with the added functions of CPU and application management. With great looks and performance, users will not be disappointed with this app.

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