Protect your Android device from viruses with Android Antivirus

Scan for viruses with this free Android antivirus application.

Protecting your Android gadget from various viruses and malware should be a priority. While promising total virus protection for your gadget, Android Antivirus comes up short on features. The ease of use and simple layout may attract some users to this application, but avid users may find this app a bit too simple.

The download and installation of Android Antivirus is simple and straightforward. The ease of setup, however, could be attributed to its lack of features. Once the software is opened, there is a solitary button on the screen for a quick scan of the system. A green status bar accompanies this scan to inform you of the progress. On the Acer A100 tablet we used for testing, this operation took less than 60 seconds. Unfortunately, the progress does not notify you about the drives that are being scanned or which files are being looked at. There is also a lack of options to scan an external SD card. The user interface is clean and easy to look at but does not support screen rotation. Aside from the single scan option, the only other option this software offers is to pay the upgrade fee. The upgraded pro software looks exactly like the basic version but comes without the minute advertising at the bottom of the screen.

Looking for low-performance antivirus software with extremely basic features? Android Antivirus may be the application to download. Because of its extremely limited functions we wouldn't recommend this software for the avid user. While the upgraded pro software may have the added benefit of advertisement-free use, the value could not be justified.

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