Traveling? Quickly and simply get your exchange rates with Simple FX

When it comes to currency converters, the Apple App Store offers an abundance of choices for the picking, but nothing is quite as geared toward the traveler market as Simple FX.

Simple FX comes in two versions: the lite and paid version. Both contain the same features, but the paid version allows for more currencies. Instead of the regular display of direct rates, the app opts for a chart that shows monetary increments of one currency and the corresponding exchange value of another. This feature allows for quick estimation, sets it apart from other converters, and increases its utility for average travelers. Sometimes having an instant estimate for costs of items is better than having to tediously calculate values to the nearest cent. However, this chart function is not as useful for foreign trading where exact transactions are a priority.

You can select which currencies you want to see the exchange value for and can quickly reverse the app to convert the other way via a button tap. Rates are updated via Internet connection (if available) or can be inputted manually in offline mode. This could be useful when you find yourself in an area that doesn't adhere to strict exchange rates or when an Internet connection may not be available. Conversions can be saved to favorites and are easily restored if you find yourself traveling through multiple countries. Chart increments and maximum amounts can be adjusted manually through the settings.

Simple FX lacks a calculator function for those times where exact exchanges are needed. It also does not feature a graph or histogram to display the search history of currency rates. These missing features may turn away those who need to see trends. That being said, Simple FX, with its intuitive control and UI, makes a good app companion for the average tourist or run-of-the-mill globe-trotter. The lite version of the app allows you to check it out before you commit to buying. With no feature missing in between and some popular currency choices in the free app, you've got nothing to lose.

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