Create words with Word Crack

Play a fun word game with your friends on your Android gadget.

Social gaming has taken over Facebook profiles and mobile gadgets. Now, while you wait for your friends to take their turn in other games you're playing, you can play a round of Word Crack. It tests your creativity and vocabulary at a relaxed pace. Replay value is high, and the price of $1.99, which you need to pay for an ad-free version, is not too much. However, the game might be a little too simplistic to keep you coming back and choosing this over other digital board games.

The app requires you to either sign up through Facebook or create an account to play. Registration only takes a few seconds, thankfully. If you join through Facebook, you can invite your friends to play or tell people you're looking for a game on your wall. Once you've picked a game, Word Crack gives you a board with a 4x4 group of letters. You slide you fingers along the tiles to make words and score points based on the length and difficulty of the words you create. You and your opponent take turns finding as many words as you can on the same board; the best score after three rounds wins. There are a few power-ups that give you clues, extra time, or other perks. If you win, you're awarded coins that let you start new games.

Word Crack uses an incredibly simple formula executed well. With unlimited letter possibilities and the added bonus of weird, quirky power-ups that animate the screen, Word Crack is a fun time-waster. The rounds take a little while to complete, which makes it less addictive and a little more of a chore than other, similar wait-for-your-friends-to-play games like Words With Friends. However, if you've got 5 minutes or more, playing this game on your Android device is not a terrible way to spend it.

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