Talk to your friends with Itzme Voice Chat

With this app, you can send your Facebook friends a free voice message using your smartphone.

Sometimes, a text message with a winking smiley face just isn't enough. Itzme helps you convey your message a little better, but it's a little difficult to set up. The small payoff of sending voice messages isn't enough for all the hoops you have to jump through.

This app only works on Facebook accounts, so you and the person you're calling both have to have one. The app doesn't tell you which of your friends already have Itzme set up. The app not only requires you to log in through Facebook, but requires all sorts of access permissions to your account. You'll have to give it permission to post on your behalf, give you push notifications, and do all sorts of other things. Any time you send a voice message, it leaves a bizarre, vague post on your friend's wall, too. The messages themselves retain most of your phone's audio quality and can be fairly long. You can send the same voice message to multiple people or groups, which is a nice touch.

The fact that Facebook is working on adding voice calls to its own Messenger app, which is already available on iPhone, cuts into Itzme's usefulness in a big way, especially since it was already lacking compared with more universal voice-messaging apps. If you loved push-to-talk features on older phones, you'll probably like this app, though. It's somewhere between sending a text message and calling someone on the phone, which is a nice middle ground for some.

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