Picture your weather with Instaweather app

Combine smartphone photos with a weather report.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but even that might not tell the whole story. If you want a unique way to describe where you are, InstaWeather Free can add some cool details to your smartphone photos, such as the city name, location data, and temperature. It's fun for a few shots, but the thrill doesn't last long.

Though the app makes you think it's connected to Instagram, there's no real link. The app can share your finished product on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, though. You can take a picture right from the app and have information pasted on it within seconds. There are different texts and filters you can slap on the photo too. InstaWeather Free doesn't just put information on photos you take, but on any photo on your phone. Sadly, the app can't tap into the photo's embedded location data. That means you're stuck with your current location. The app needs some pretty invasive permissions to work, but it didn't seem to do anything shady with them during our testing.

This app works really well, it just won't come in handy that often. If you're a frequent traveler who wants to brag about your exploits on social media, you may want to try InstaWeather Free. It's a neat way to capture the full experience of the places you visit.

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