Test your aim and have plenty of fun

Knock the fruit right off the heads of adorable animals with Fruit Shoot.

William Tell shouldn't get to have all of the archery fun! In Fruit Shoot, you'll fire arrows at all sorts of produce on the heads of bears, dragons and even other warriors. The sheer number of levels and different gameplay modes make this app a very enticing download for fans of physics games. Some may find the app's presentation a little too bizarre, though.

When you first load the app, it advertises other apps in big splash ads. It's hard to find the X to close these ads. The app chooses to include goofy characters to shoot at instead of the normal targets. It's a welcome change of pace and many will find them adorable. However, some folks are bound to be offended by the wildly stereotypical depictions. The large amounts of blood might turn you off, too. However, that feature can be turned off in the game's main menu. If those questionable additions don't ruin the app for you, Fruit Shoot is incredibly deep. There are dozens of levels in each environment that challenge your speed, aim, and focus. At the end of every level, you have to fight the character you've been shooting fruit off of for some reason. The power-ups in the game make passing levels a little too easy.

Despite some questionable design choices, this gaming app still provides plenty of fun. Coins come quickly enough that you won't have to buy your way through as you do with some other physics-based games. This means Fruit Shoot should be good for hours of arrow-blasting fun. Just turn the volume down -- it can get really loud.

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