Ward off beasts in Dragon Warcraft for Android

Defend your castle from goblins, demons, and dragons in Dragon Warcraft.

The long, thin screens of smartphones make nifty platforms for tower defense games. Dragon Warcraft harkens back to old days of the genre -- you're actually defending a tower! The rich graphics and bevy of unlockable content make it one of the deeper games on Android. However, it's not for the faint of heart.

The game starts with a fairly large tutorial that sends tons of text at you as goblins storm your castle. These pop up occasionally with no way to opt out of them. Once you tap through all of those text overlays, you have a few different ways to try to destroy your enemy: a crossbow on top of your castle, troops, and spells. You can tap the screen to shoot as many arrows as you'd like, but more troops and spells take time to regenerate. As you might expect, each level you defeat gives you money that can make your weapons faster, stronger, or have power-ups. Dragons Warcraft's controls are easy to find, but they're a little cramped on smaller phones. The button to produce soldiers is actually right where you need to tap to shoot certain enemies. This makes it even more frustrating when your tower is being overrun, which happens often.

Despite minor glitches and a high level of difficulty, this game still offers plenty of fun. Its presentation is on par with many paid apps and makes the game a treat to look at. Dragon Warcraft is incredibly addicting if you're into tower defense games, but it might be a little frustrating for newer players. Rookies are going to have to furiously tap on the screen in order to make it past the higher levels.

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