Tap to kill bugs in Bug Smasher for Android

Commit insect genocide on your Android device by tapping on your screen.

Were you that kid who fried ants under a magnifying glass to watch them burn? Bug Smasher has a whole new way to quench your sadistic desires. You can smash bug after bug as they wiggle across your screen. The game is silly fun, but getting a high score is more a test of endurance than it is skill.

To say this game is simple is a massive understatement. Though it sends multiple crudely colored bugs at you at once, you'd have to be trying to not clear the screen quickly. You're even less likely to miss on big-screen phones and tablets. Every so often, the game sends you a bee that you're not allowed to touch, but avoiding those is not terribly difficult, either. Bug Smasher will track high scores, but there's no online leaderboard that you can top. You can't quit a game once you've started and have your score logged, either. At least it installs and uninstalls in seconds.

This game offers fun for a minute or two, but it really starts to bore after a while. If the bugs started to move faster as you went along, it might make the game more interesting. For now, see Bug Smasher as a way to relieve some stress by punishing helpless insects.

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