Grind and ollie on your smartphone with Boardtastic Skateboarding

Skate through vividly animated skate parks with Boardtastic Skateboarding gaming app.

The Tony Hawk series has been a perennial favorite of console gamers, but it's not readily available on Android devices. You can have an almost identical experience with Boardtastic Skateboarding, though. It has all the physics-defying moves, gorgeous skating environments, and customization of console games in a free app.

If nothing else, Boardtastic Skateboarding offers some of the most superb graphics you'll find in mobile gaming. It easily rivals PlayStation 2 or the Nintendo Wii. It is also just as easy to control your skater as it is on a console. The app lets you perform dozens of different tricks thanks to an innovative swipe and gesture control system. How you swipe and spin on your screen determines which trick you perform and how smoothly you pull it off. As you complete tasks, you earn two different currencies to unlock new clothes, boards, and tricks for your skater. You start with a limited amount of stamina, but it should be enough to keep you playing in 20- or 30-minute bursts, if you want. You do have to wait a while to earn more energy to complete tasks, though. Even though this app offers different gameplay modes, they are too similar to be worth pointing out.

This app offers an interesting blend of console-quality gaming and a mobile pay structure. Usually, you have to pay $5 or more to get a game of this quality for your smartphone or tablet. Instead, Boardtastic Skateboarding is a free game that rivals any other games you can find for your Android. It's one of the better action-sports titles and is a must-play game for anyone who likes extreme sports.

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