Face Juggler offers a few good laughs

Swap out faces for a humorous effect.

Sometimes the only point of an app is to provide a few giggles. Face Juggler is just such an app. Its sole purpose is to swap out faces in a picture to score a few laughs, and, what can we say, it did its job well.

For such a simple premise, Face Juggler had a few instructions to get it to work well. Understandably, you have to take a photo with at least two faces in it. But you also have to make sure the faces are at similar angles. Luckily, we had an image on hand that we could use for testing purposes. You can also use the app to capture a new image. Once our picture loaded, the faces were juggled. We tapped the screen to flip the direction of the faces to make them fit a little bit better. The effect was pretty hilarious. If you have more than two faces and aren't happy with the swap, just tap the screen again to change. That's all there is to Face Juggler. For more laughs, you can share the finished picture on Facebook and Twitter, or you can e-mail it. The app does contain a banner ad that resides at the top of the screen, but it doesn't get in the way.

If you're looking for a quick laugh, Face Juggler is worth a download. We recommend it for all users.

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