Cut the Rope Free is fun for the whole family

Exercise your brain with this fun app.

We love simple games that require a bit of brain power to master. Cut the Rope Free is just such a game. And the fact that it's fun and appropriate for both adults and kids is a bonus.

We were impressed with all the different languages available with Cut the Rope Free: Spanish, French, Chinese, and more. It would be a great learning tool for kids young and old who are learning a new language. But besides that, it's just a fun game. The premise is to use your figure to slice ropes so that Om Nom, the hungry little monster, gets fed. It sounds pretty simple, but the game requires problem-solving and visual skills because you have to think about which rope to cut so that the candy falls directly into Om Nom's mouth, while also grabbing stars and bubbles for extra points. You'll be reminded after playing a couple of levels that there is a paid version of the app, which is a little annoying, but tapping the X moves you on to the next level. Also, a banner ad resides at the bottom of the screen, so you will have to be careful not to tap it. If you're not a fan of the music that plays throughout the game, you can turn it off in the Settings menu, but we didn't mind it.

Cut the Rope Free is one of those addictive games that you can easily lose hours to. We highly recommend it for all users.

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