Cat Piano Free offers a few good laughs

Enjoy a good laugh and then move on with this goofy app.

We'll cut right to the chase: Cat Piano Free, as its name implies, lets you press piano keys on your iPhone that each have a different kitten meow. We're not really sure what the point of the app is, other than to freak out your cat if you have one.

Cat Piano Free starts off with a pop-up ad for other games, but tapping the X in the right-hand corner gets rid of it. Beyond that, it's just a section of piano keys. We have to admit that the cat sounds are pretty realistic; we pressed a few keys while at home and the sounds woke up both our cats, who curiously walked into the room to find out where the sound was coming from. We pressed a couple more kitten notes and both cats quickly looked around the room as if another cat were there. We have to admit, it gave us quite a laugh, as cruel as that sounds. But that's really all there is to Cat Piano Free. It's worth downloading for a laugh, but it gets old pretty quickly, and we can't imagine keeping it around on our phone for long.

Still, and we can't believe we're saying this, we recommend this app for any user who likes a little silliness with his or her apps and who enjoys a good laugh.

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