Angry Birds HD Free is good, clean fun

Knock out little piggies with classic game app.

Your favorite time-wasting app is back, but this time in a free version. Angry Birds HD Free does include ads, but it comes with all the fun, familiar characters and gameplay that you've come to love.

Angry Birds HD Free offers 24 different levels and 8 mini episodes. You can jump right in by pressing Play. If you've been living under a rock and haven't played Angry Birds, a graphic shows you how to pull back on the slingshot and aim the bird to take out the green pigs. The first level was unlocked for us and we took aim and shot our wingless bird at the green pig in the structure -- easy enough, but each level does gradually become more challenging than the previous one, with more piggies and larger structures to knock down. There is a pause button that will let you restart a game and turn off the music, though we have to say that the hilarious bird and pig sounds are part of what makes the game so much fun. As we mentioned earlier, you will encounter a few ads, but they're pretty unobtrusive for a free app.

Angry Birds HD Free has all the fun of the paid version, so be prepared to lose valuable time to this app. We highly recommend it for all users.

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