eBuddy Messenger places your chat accounts under one roof.

Chat with friends across a variety of social platforms.

It seems as though everyone is using a different social platform to keep in touch. Each platform has its own chat feature, which makes it a pain to sign into and out of each account. Thankfully, there's eBuddy Messenger, which brings all of your chat accounts under one roof.

To start, eBuddy Messenger asks that you log in using your network account information. It supports MSN Messenger, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google Talk, as well as AIM, Myspace, Hyves, and ICQ. We started by entering our Google Talk username and password, and all of our Google Talk "buddies" instantly appeared. We selected a friend and were able to chat as usual. The Chats feature lets you view all of your current chats, while the Accounts feature lets you manage all of your accounts and turn them off and on. eBuddy Messenger gives you plenty of options for managing the app itself, including push notification sounds and alerts. You can opt to hide offline buddies as well as blocked buddies. If you're into customization, the app lets you choose from four different themes to add a little flair. You can also add your own picture to your profile, and create a custom message for your buddies to see. Though the app is pretty intuitive, should you need it, there is a helpful FAQ to answer any questions you might have.

We're pretty sold on eBuddy Messenger. It's extremely useful for streamlining all of your chat accounts. We recommend it for all users.

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