Pimp My Shadow failed to impress

Don't bother with this disappointing photo-effect app.

There are tons of photo-editing tools out there that allow you to edit and add effects to your smartphone pics on the fly. Pimp My Shadow is another contender that, as its name suggests, lets you add shadow effects to your pictures. While the idea sounds like fun, the reality falls a bit flat.

First things first: You have to either take a new picture or select one from your Camera Roll. From there, Pimp My Shadow takes you to a screen where you have to erase the background of your picture by swiping your finger around the figure you want to enhance. There are Un-Erase and Undo buttons in case you mess up. The next step is to select the shadow effect you want to apply. You're given three choices; the other shadow effect selections are locked until you pony up the money to activate them. We selected a devilish effect and then selected a brick background for our shadow to appear. We tapped the Save button, but we were disappointed by the results. While the brick background appeared behind the person in our picture, the shadow effect did not. We tried it again, playing around with the adjustment bar to various degrees to see if it would work, but to no avail. Our shadow just wouldn't appear. The banner ads that come with Pimp My Shadow provided another annoyance; we nearly tapped a few as we transitioned from screen to screen.

This app's poor performance and banner ads prevent us from recommending it.

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