Devils at the Gate: Pacific War HD offers little skill or excitement

Don't expect lots of action with this defense game.

Devils at the Gate: Pacific War HD tries to be a defense game in which you battle the enemy to defend your turf. The problem is that there really is no skill or gameplay involved; you just tap where the game tells you to and it plays out while you watch.

To begin Devils at the Gate, you're first asked to enter your name. From there, it takes you to the main page where the Setting feature lets you adjust the music and sound effect noises -- you can also adjust them while playing the game. This is good to know because the music is really, really annoying and doesn't fit the theme of the game. (Seventies funk music doesn't really belong in a game that is set in World War II.) The graphics are very cartoon-like rather than trying to be realistic. We were disappointed to find that you can't change the game's difficultly level, which is set at Easy. Once we made it to the main screen, a pop-up told us to tap a button on the base to build the infantry. We were only given one option, so we selected it and our little infantry man appeared on the base. We were then told to tap a button to signal the attack. We sat back and watched as the little enemy men walked toward our infantry man so that he could take them out. And that's pretty much the whole game: You tap where it tells you and then you sit back and watch the action take place. Pretty boring, if you ask us.

Devils at the Gate: Pacific War HD doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of exciting gameplay or skill. If that's what you crave in a game, we recommend you look elsewhere.

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