Get a new life with The Sims -- FreePlay

Play a slimmed-down version of the console favorite on your Android device.

As if it needed to be any more addicting, you can now take The Sims with you wherever you go. It's not the exact version you're used to, but The Sims -- FreePlay gives you all the best parts of The Sims on smartphones and tablets. Be careful, though; it takes a lot of resources to download and run.

Before you can start playing, you have to go through a download process that clears 300MB. This will push your smartphone's data plan to its limit quickly, so make sure you download it via Wi-Fi. Even then, it may take a long time to download based on your speed. The Sims -- FreePlay requires always-on Internet access to play, too. If you can get past all of those strings, it plays just like you'd expect a Sims game to play. You can build your own house, buy new clothes, and customize every element of your character's life. There's even the occasional outburst of Simish, the game's hilarious language. The graphics match PC and console versions of The Sims. The only difference is that real time matches in-game time so one minute always equals one minute. As with other games with a Facebook component, you can invite your friends or trade real-life cash to make your Sims character fabulously wealthy.

Though it takes a lot of RAM and a while to set up, it's still a Sims game. Fans of the series will find new quirks to love about this game and hours of great gameplay. The Sims -- FreePlay is one of the best time-killers Android has to offer and is another stellar entry to The Sims series.

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