Play cards and challenge yourself with Solitaire -- Tablet Edition

Challenge yourself with a classic card game developed for Android tablets.

Solitaire belongs to the standard play-it-by-yourself card games. Now, instead of just playing it on a computer without Internet, with Solitaire -- Tablet Edition you can play it on your tablet, too. It's not as customizable as other solitaire apps, but it will kill some time on your tablet. Just don't bother playing it on any other gadget.

The app's card table contains a couple of animated ads that take up a lot of screen real estate. It doesn't disrupt the game too much on big-screen tablets, but they will cover up the cards on small-screen tablets. The cards themselves can sometimes be tough to read anyway thanks to really small print. It's tough to tell the difference between a spade and a club at certain moments. If any of that causes you to mess up, you can start the game from scratch or deal out a whole new setup. However, Solitaire -- Tablet Edition only lets you choose from four different types of Solitaire, which makes it a little boring after a while.

It's tough to knock an app developed for tablets because it doesn't play well on smartphones. However, smartphone owners are going to play this game and have a very bad time. That would be forgivable if the game was fun on tablets. However, Solitaire -- Tablet Edition takes away any of the bonus features or style that makes Solitaire fun.

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