Search for movies on your Android without much hassle with MovieTube

Find full-length movies you can watch for free on your Android device.

Though you may not find them in a search, there are actually hundreds of free movies waiting for you on YouTube. MovieTube hunts all of the best ones down for you to browse. The constantly updated archive and easy navigation make the somewhat silly layout of the app worth forgetting.

The app presents you with a list of top movies you can start watching right away. Though you can't search for an exact title, you can browse through a detailed genre list or for the most liked and shared videos. If you create an account, MovieTube lets you save your favorite links right to your profile so you can watch them multiple times. The app doesn't include an actual streaming player. However, since most of the videos are hosted on YouTube anyway, you probably have all you need to start watching within seconds. The layout isn't customizable and unfortunately blends in with the accompanying ads. That means you might have a few accidental clicks on Google ads.

The lack of a good search and a weird layout are really the only knocks on this app. Trying to find all of these movies by yourself would take hours without an aggregation app like MovieTube. If you like to watch streaming movies on your tablet or smartphone, this app is worthy of a download. It will make you think twice before signing up for an account with Netflix or Hulu Plus.

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