Get Google Now with GNow Handlebars

Download Google Now to an Android 4.0 phone.

Google Now shocked a lot of people when it was released. The super cool personal assistant ran circles around Apple's Siri and had all sorts of amazing features. The only catch was that it was only available with Jelly Bean, which is on a small number of gadgets. GNow Handlebars can help you get it on an Ice Cream Sandwich phone, which opens up more options. However, you'll have to know a bit about third-party apps to make it work.

Since you can't get this app through Google Play, you'll have to install the .apk file yourself. Once you do, you then have to put it on your phone through a side-loader. If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, you might want to wait until your phone can get Google Now officially rather than tinkering with this. Don't be too afraid, though; GNow Handlebars is remarkably plug-and-play for an unsupported app. You don't have to install a custom ROM and it installs itself for the most part. There can be some minor hiccups during the install process, but nothing that a reboot won't fix. Once you've got Google Now on your phone, it works just like it would if your phone ran the Jelly Bean operating system.

Since even mid-tier Androids come with Ice Cream Sandwich, it's likely you already have it. That makes this an exciting app. GNow Handlebars works seamlessly if you know what you're doing. It will be like clockwork if you're into rooting or installing custom ROMS. If you're not, the stellar search and voice control of Google Now may make it worth a try.

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