Create your own video with Gangnam Style Dance Booth Hits

Don't bother with this spammy app.

Psy's smash hit got everyone doing the signature horsey dance. The Gangnam Style Dance Booth Hits app claims to let you paste your face on the South Korean singer, but never works. It won't let you create video thanks to dozens of pop-up ads that take over your screen.

Before you even finish looking at the app's privacy policy, it starts hitting you with ads for games. Any time you try to do anything else with the app, more pop-ups come flying at you. Once you finally make it to the app's welcome screen, it asks for your full name and phone number before it takes you to the main page of the app. Don't bother forking over your information to Gangnam Style Dance Booth Hits, because it's not going to let you do anything once you register. If you do, it will start sending you spam texts in addition to even more pop-up ads.

Stay far, far away from this app. Not only does it not give you a chance to join in on the Gangnam Style fun, it punishes you for downloading it with ads and spam.

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