Make free calls with magicJack

Call anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for free with this app.

A favorite of RadioShacks nationwide, now this household name offers its very own app. Sadly, FREE Calls with magicJack on your smartphone doesn't work nearly as well as replacing your home phone. Call quality is spotty and some calls aren't delivered at all. It could save you if you're really short on minutes, but it's not terribly reliable.

The app gives you a nice, big keypad to dial on, which makes sense considering the service is especially popular with an older crowd. You can also choose to pull numbers from your phone's contact list. If you don't have an account, the app will assign you random numbers every time you call. Being able to use your existing number or choose a random local number would be much more helpful. If you have a paid account, you can choose from a list of numbers. During our testing, magicJack sometimes took a full minute or more to actually send the call and other times the call did not even ring on the other line. Leaving a voicemail still worked fine, though.

For users who don't mind dealing with the inconsistencies of this app or already use the service, it's a nice way to earn free calls. If you're pushing close to your monthly minutes limit but have Wi-Fi or data to burn, magicJack is an okay app to use. Most similar VoIP apps charge for calls, so if you can make this app work, it's worth the effort.

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