Unlock your phone with Fingerprint Lock Screen

Use your fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Unlocking your phone FBI-style with a fingerprint seems like a neat idea, but it's harder than it looks. Fingerprint Lock Screen tries to play on that idea to prank your friends, but it doesn't even work very well at that. If you can even get past the ads to try to set the app up, it's buggy and can be easily worked around.

The app claims it can fool your friends into thinking your phone recognizes your fingerprint. How it's supposed to work is that you scan the image of your fingerprint and add your name so your phone recognizes you. However, the setup process is so loaded with pop-over ads that you can't even scroll through the menu. Anytime you exit out of one, another pops up within seconds. If you can make it to the launch application button, Fingerprint Lock Screen brings up a neat screen that looks very futuristic. However, tapping any of your phone's physical buttons will take someone trying to get into your phone to the home or app screen.

Fingerprint Lock Screen may seem like a neat idea, but it falls flat on its face. It's almost impossible to set up correctly and when you do, it doesn't work. This app isn't worth your time and effort when there are dozens of other apps that will prank your friends without incredibly obnoxious ads.

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