Optimize performance of your Android device with ES Task Manager

Manage your Android device's RAM and battery usage with the ES Task Manager app.

Having a mind of their own, the apps on your Android may drain your battery and choke your phone's RAM. If a wonky app is draining your power or memory, ES Task Manager can shut it down for a big performance boost. This task manager app has detailed statistics for power users, but it's easy enough to figure out for the everyday Android owner.

ES Task Manager features four different menus you can swipe through, but only one actually boosts memory. The task killer menu lets you kill all of the tasks that are running at once or pick different apps one by one. It also shows some marginally important system processes that are running. This means you can kill more than other task managers allow. However, you might also make your phone crash briefly by killing an important system task. The other menus are more focused on improving battery life. You'll find sliders that help you stop data connections, adjust screen brightness and even stop auto-sync. In addition to estimating your remaining battery life, this app gives you a ton of information about the makeup of your phone.

Though some people argue against the effectiveness of task killers, they're useful for people with midtier processors or weak batteries. If you're going to download one, it should at least come with a few extra features that help you manage your phone. ES Task Manager not only controls your phone's RAM, it gives you enough stats and battery control to outperform most other auto task killers. It's one of the premier apps of its kind.

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