Look up words with English Hindi Dictionary Free

Translate words into Hindi without a data connection.

The Web's preferred translation app, Google Translate, doesn't seem to be the best fit for smartphones. It can push you over your phone's data cap if you use it too regularly. English Hindi Dictionary Free isn't as powerful or accurate as Google's service, but it does everything offline. That makes it easier to turn your smartphone into a pocket translator.

English Hindi Dictionary Free stores its entire dictionary on your gadget, so downloading the whole thing takes a little while. You have the choice of stashing words on your SD card or your phone's internal memory, which is convenient. As you type words in English, it brings up best guesses to save you a couple of taps. It has a pretty large dictionary that was able to find Hindi words for even very obscure English vocabulary terms. To save time, you can add words to your favorites or browse your history of searched words for common words, too. Though this app brags about working offline, it features ads on every page. Ads can still use some of your phone's data if you're not careful. Still, the app itself is faster than a Web search.

Since this app works offline, the data use is minimal as long as you download the dictionary over Wi-Fi. That's great for people using it during travel who can't afford to deal with restrictive data caps or overseas roaming charges. For the average person, English Hindi Dictionary Free is still a good alternative to paper or Web apps if you need a translator.

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